Our comprehensive process starts with spending quality time understanding your brand and organizational priorities. We want to help build and grow your business.

Strategic Phase

We initially provide a Strategic Phase that is based on understanding your business model, audiences and markets. We develop an understanding of the most important calls to action for your customers and define goals of the overall digital strategy. We also understand the marketing strategy by channel and define conversion points of each digital property. Web and App Solutions are evaluated for optimal integration.

Design Phase

Our Design Phase is based on understanding the brand and style guides of your organization in order to provide a brand enhancing approach to the digital designs we create. Through a process of developing a creative strategy, wireframes and color concepts we establish an expectation of what will be produced. Our design process is based on a Mobile First approach that includes final concepts of the Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone and Sign layouts. This process is applicable to website and mobile app development.

Development Phase

During the Development Phase we follow best practices with a responsive design technique or native application development process. The website and mobile app are integrated with our sophisticated open standards platform. We implement certain elements of the Digital Marketing requirements to provide a proper foundation for Search Engine Optimization or Application Store Optimization. Through Internal and Client involvement we proceed through a User Acceptance Testing Process.

Deployment Phase

The Deployment Phase is when the website/app is made live on the internet/app store with both pre- and post- launch activities. We will implement any necessary Digital Marketing steps at this time. We stage and launch the website with the appropriate resources.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is discussed throughout the entire project. It first begins with keyword research which is incorporated with the copywriting and site structure for search engine optimization. We will also provide any 301 Redirects in order to help retain any historical search engine rankings.

Customer Satisfaction

Our solutions provide a 60-Day Warranty. We also provide Training, Maintenance Plans and Ongoing Support to ensure there are continued enhancements to your web and app properties.